Monday, February 19, 2018

HDMC Insured Road Enters Limca Book of Records 2008 and India Book of Records 2010.

Visit of Honarable Chief Minister Sri.Jagadish  Shettar  and  ,Sri.Suresh Kumar Urban Development Minister, Government of Karnataka to First Municipal INSURED ROAD in Hubli

We Have Done It in Hubli : We Are The Future
How piggy banks paid for road


Children for Civic awareness Rs.596/- Premium being paid for the Road insurance policy by the Junior Residents For the Year 2010 -11.

We are On BBC World Report

The Hindu

Civic Sense: Insurance, the road ahead for quality upkeep

TEAM Road INSURANCE    Photograph of Group of Residents 
Residents of HDMC Insured Road Timmasagar Temple Main Road Vidyanagar Hubli Karanataka

Making Safe Road : INSURED ROAD Timmasagar Temple Main Road Vidyanagar Hubli-21
Ward No:45 HDMC Zone 09

Concept By Citizen for The Public Road Maintenance against Natural Calamities.

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Sindhur Hospital
Timmasagar Temple Main Road,



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Ministry of Urban Development Bangalore. Government of Karnataka ,INDIA

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Limca Book of Records 2008

Thanks To Chief Editor

India Book of Records 2010

*Hubli Dharwad Municipal Corporation (HDMC An ISO 9001:2000 Corporation) ,
Hubli. Karanataka

*The Hindu

*National English News Channel CNN IBN for Telecasting Citizen Journalist show
Stateman News Paper New Delhi Edition



shaik mohammed said...

its a wonderful initiative taken by the citizens to maintain a clean
environment in their vicinity... hope others catch up soon

Mahesh Maradi said...

Mruttunjay and team, A very genuine heart touching gesture ! Such initiation and team is really required now to lead the way, to send a message and to set an example. We will spread your message everywhere. Thank you !

Sudha Naik said...

An excellent initiative.. Usually we tend to think of ourself, and the near family.. Really good to hear that such things are done for the goodness of the community and mainly for others.

Hats off to you Dr Mruttunjay.

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